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Benjamin Moss



Benjamin was born in a small town in North Dakota.  Raised within a strict catholic belief system, he experienced a fear based relationship to God and spirituality that eventually led him to nihilism. After a couple run-ins with the law, he dropped out of college, moved to California and  began to pursue a career in painting. His exposure to entheogenic culture  reconnected him once more to a sense of connection to spirituality but this time, from an inward space of potentiality.

Artist Statement

     I feel there is an infinite capacity within the inner realm of consciousness.  A myriad of worlds within the imaginations of all minds.  A never ending exploration that can be created and recreated.  All these are equally as real as this world, and are being born and remade continuously.  Everything that is thought, felt and imagined is a realm of existence just as real if not more real than that which we perceive as the outer world.   All of these are the branches, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds of the great one tree that is  the god-mind universe that observes all experience and reads all stories.

       Music, art, dance and expression of all kinds serve us as the connection to depict within this world all worlds that connect us.   However one can bring their imagination to life serves as a gateway and access  to shed light upon the truth of our inner connectivity.  Imagination is a power that intrigues me most.   Is it unlimited and as Albert Einstein quoted “Imagination is everything.   It is the preview of coming attractions.”   When I started seeing visionary art that expressed what I knew inside that I  could not exactly communicate with spoken language,  I knew I had seen a flicker of a universal magic.  A way of sculpting new universes that would broaden the horizons of consciousness



2011  - Cover Artist, Make Love to the Universe, Phoenix Desmond


2013 - Contributing Artist, Alchemistas Beyond The Veil, Darren Minke

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